"When I first came to Canada, I was enrolled in an English course for four months. The classes I had were just amazing. We had great and wonderful teachers, who, besides having vast experience, they also had wonderful teaching skills which made me learn in a fast and easy way. I am just grateful for having met Elaine who gave me all the basics of what I know currently in the English language. thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Moacir Sasse



"When I first came Canada,I can’t speak English.
I can speak English just greeting English like Hello,Thank you, Nice to meet you something like that.
I was enrolled on a English course for six
months. My experience in this class has made me irreplaceable. I have improved my English skills very much thanks to them. They also taught me  Canadian traditions and culture.
Their class was a very enjoyable and precious time for me. I thought I was very lucky to be Elaine and Elsa's student. I recommend becoming their students , because thanks to them, my English improved."


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Email: registrar@luv-english.com

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